Essay affirmative action pros and cons

essay affirmative action pros and cons

to apply in societies where ethnic divides are not very clear and people often have mixed backgrounds. Noe, affirmative action is an organizations active effort to find opportunities to hire or promote people in a particular group (Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 68). Affirmative Action tried to help minorities and women, but in the process, reverse discrimination has taken place. This paper will discuss the purpose behind affirmative action, as well as, its various strengths and weaknesses. People who start from a disadvantaged position deserve extra support to develop their full potential. Instead of choosing a candidate for a job or for school admission, because of one's color or gender, it should be because of their talents and abilities. In your experience, do they work? Others believe that even though it creates an opportunity for minority groups, the issue of reverse discrimination comes into play where once predominantly white male jobs offerings go to women and minority groups instead.

Free Essay: Affirmative action has been the topic of debate for many years. It has been controversial because it has been said to be a form of reverse. Free Essay: Analytical Paper 3 Affirmative Action Introduction According to Ra ymond. Noe, affirmative action is an organization s active effort to find. The government policy, Affirmative Action, which goes by different names in other countries (sometimes referred to as positive discrimination.

That is discrimination in itself. The best any colored male or female should be selected for the job, or to get accepted into school. Vote and join the debate sharing your views and experiences. the impact on employment (what has changed in the work place? What are the main challenges in the implementation of these policies and laws?

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In my ban on discrimination essays own honest opinion, affirmative action seems to be a cop out that was placed to make amends for the horrible treatment of Native Americans, African Americans and other minorities by white Americans for the past two hundred plus years. This can not be an affirmative program if there is a form of discrimination involved. Brief Analysis, in order to prevent discrimination in the workplace, most employers will use affirmative action programs or"s in order to balance the order of minorities amongst the workforce. The Supreme Court outlawed the inflexible" system which had unfairly discriminated against him. 181) An affirmative action program is a management tool designed to ensure equal employment opportunity. Also, this paper will look at the following issues surrounding affirmative action such as the incompetency myth ( are companies hiring less qualified people?

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