Chapter 6 anatomy and physiology short answer essay

chapter 6 anatomy and physiology short answer essay

which bone is resorbed on one surface. Located in the anterior neck between the mandible and larynx, the hyoid bone supports the tongue, providing attachment sites for some tongue muscles and for muscles of the neck and pharynx. However, secondary curves may be progressively lost in old age. Between the body and lesser wing just anterior to the sella turcica is the optic foramen or canal (optic eye through which the optic (II) nerve and ophthalmic artery pass into the orbit. The period of lost excitability, called the refractory period, is a characteristic of all muscle and nerve cells. The paranasal sinuses increase the surface area of the nasal mucosa, thus increasing the production of mucus to help moisten and cleanse inhaled air. These ribs attach only posteriorly to the thoracic vertebrae. This hydrolysis reaction reorients and energizes the myosin head.

Termination of ACh activity: The effect of ACh binding lasts only briefly because ACh is rapidly broken down by an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase (AChE) (as-til-k-lin-ES-ter-s). The degraded bone proteins and extracellular matrix minerals, mainly calcium and phosphorus, enter an osteoclast by endocytosis, cross the cell in vesicles, and undergo exocytosis on the side opposite the ruffled border. These curvatures often appear in preteens as the result of poor posture, abnormal growth, or indeterminate causes.

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It lacks a body and a spinous process. In addition, the spinous processes on T1 through T10 are long, laterally flattened, and directed inferiorly. Bone is a replacement tissue; that is, it uses a model senior memoir essay tissue on which to lay down its mineral matrix. This point is called the costal angle. The segments of the sternum typically fuse by age 25, and the points of fusion are marked by transverse ridges. Here, the osteoblasts form a periosteal collar of compact bone around the cartilage of the diaphysis.

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