The winter hibiscus essay answer

the winter hibiscus essay answer

a plastic bag and check on the seeds every few days. When she got to the hibiscus, she reached out and touched a petal gently. Once the soil is prepped, take the sprouts out of the plastic bags. It is in full sun close to the house and has many beautiful flowers. As if oblivious to the cold, her mother was still out in the vegetable garden, digging up the last of the onions with a rusty trowel.

the winter hibiscus essay answer

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8, if youre planting hibiscus bushes, plant them in 8 in (20 cm) pots. It was like walking into another world. Instead, she stared at the hibiscus plant and nervously tore off a leaf, shredding it to bits. You can prune the dead parts of the plant close to the ground. A hot, moist world exploding with greenery. 9, part 2 Providing Basic Care 1, keep the hibiscus in a location that gets 6 hours of sunlight each day. Where did you get it? Look how root-bound it is, poor thing, she said.

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