Marijuana teenagers essay

marijuana teenagers essay

Many different authors claim they have the answer to the question of why is marijuana so popular among teens. The minds and bodies of the teens who smoke must be facing some sort of developing issues.

You may hear some people call it by street names such as Mary Jane, pot, weed, gangster, or chronic. Parents need to be aware that their teens are being exposed to drugs everywhere from what they hear on television.

National Institute on Drug Abuse (nida) supplies marijuana and THC to researchers who are investigating the. One Million teenagers start smoking and doing drugs each year, 3, 000 a day, despite the fact they arent old enough to purchase these things (Teen Addiction, 18). Marijuana can cause serious consequences like lack of interest in school, goals, and active interest in illegal activity and dangerous behaviors like unsafe sex and violence (Teen Addiction, 64). Marijuana abuse today is a major cause for concern in juveniles and has a negative effect on society at large. It also can be use expository essay easy rubric pdf in a water pipe called a bong. Instead of my brother being a leader and doing what others do and being pressured by his peers he wants to be a follower.

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