Argumentative research paper organ donation

argumentative research paper organ donation

A denition of irreversible coma: Report of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Harvard Medical School to examine the denition of brain death. Different points of view narrative essays love conquers hate essay? In some cases, a drivers license or donor card found on the person might indicate their status, but often this will not be the case. Many of the circumstances of the transplant, the source of the organ, and the surgery itself may be unknown, leaving physicians in patients home countries at a disadvantage in caring for them. Some object to presumed consent on the grounds that it disrespects persons and violates personal autonomy or the authority of individuals and families. As the number of people seeking transplants has grown and the number of people donating organs after death has leveled off, efforts have been made to secure organs from other types of donors, namely, living donors and individuals who are declared dead using cardiorespiratory criteria.

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These competing interests as well as the interest of other parties, such as transplant organizations, transplant professionals, and medical institutions raise concerns about potential conicts of interest in organ transplantation decisions and decisions about declaring potential donors dead (Verheijde. However, in reality, the costs are usually borne by the organ recipient. Special concerns emerge in uncontrolled donation after cardiac death because new resuscitation techniques might be effective in resuscitating patients who previously would have died. The gift of life and everything life encompasses exceeds the measure of any scale. British Journal of Anaesthesia, 108(51 148155.

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