Corporal punishment should be abolished in schools essay

corporal punishment should be abolished in schools essay

children. According to this Nov 2015 news report, a particular reason in the Mathis case was that high-school students were transferring to neighboring school districts that had not abandoned CP, because behavior was better there. Such wild variations seem unlikely, and one should probably regard all these statistics with some suspicion. Up to now I have considered in turn each of the objections to corporal punishment. Just as we prohibit the excessive but not the moderate use of alcohol prior to driving, so should we condemn the abusive but not the nonabusive use of corporal punishment. According to one report, paddlings in Mississippi actually increased between 2006/09, from 47,727 to 57,953, a very remarkable bucking of the trend if it is true. In a dissenting judgment, some of the paddlings are described.

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An interesting case is Mathis school district in Texas, one of several in that state to have brought back the paddle or increased its use in the past three or four years. At Mildred High and Junior High School in Texas, the student handbook for 2013/14"d from its form sent to parents, "Your child has chosen to break the student code of conduct. There is a danger that the position I have advanced will be misunderstood. In that case, the implement is described as "a hickory club or 'paddle three feet long, one-half inch thick and one and one-half inches wide". While some see Newmans system as humiliating to the offender, he argues that many forms of punishment like boot camps are built on degrading activities like cleaning toilets with toothbrushes. If we say that corporal punishment indicates the failure of prior efforts, then we must concede that the immediately prior efforts - say, detaining the child - equally indicate the failure of the still earlier efforts -admonition - that indicate the failure of yet earlier. His research, which is much more sophisticated than most earlier investigations into corporal punishment, does lend support to the view that even infrequent noninjurious corporal punishment can increase one's chances of being depressed. There is insufficient evidence that the properly restricted use of corporal punishment causes increased violence. Corporal punishment does not deter Some opponents of corporal punishment have suggested that it is not an effective form of punishment because it does not deter those punished from further wrongdoing. But that is insufficient to demonstrate even a correlation between corporal punishment and abuse, and a fortiori a causal relationship. Similarly, in both contexts punishment is often inflicted without formal trials and often for nonstatutory offenses - offenses that are not proscribed by some home or school statute, but that are rather deemed (at least in the more justifiable cases of punishment) to be moral. This is because the traditional theories of punishment in themselves do not commit one to accepting or rejecting corporal punishment.

Corporal punishment IN schools. Spanking, paddling, caning and flogging. THE dream AND THE reality. Compiled by Dee Finney.

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