Causes of internet addiction research paper

causes of internet addiction research paper

Citations, Grammar, Punctuation, and Plagiarism weve got you covered. Reduced Striatal Dopamine D2 Receptors in People with Internet Addiction. 80 Some state that gamers sometimes use video games to either escape from an uncomfortable environment or alleviate their already existing mental issues both possibly important aspects on determining the psychological impact of gaming. 35 China edit The Chinese government operates several clinics to treat those who overuse online games, chatting and web surfing. In a study published postcolonial and queer theories intersections and essays in January 2013 in the International Journal of Educational Research, Professor Anne Mangen of the University of Stavanger in Norway found that students who read text on computers performed worse on comprehension tests than students who read the same text. "Conditions for Further Study". In August 2005, the government of the People's Republic of China, where more than 20 million people play online games, introduced an online gaming restriction limiting playing time to three hours, after which the player would be expelled from whichever game they were playing. 23 56 The lecturer, Professor Mark Griffiths of Nottingham Trent University, stated in another BBC interview that addicts are "few and far between".

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"The influence of television and video game use on attention and school problems: A multivariate analysis with other risk factors controlled". A psychological phenomenon known as social comparison. Journal of Psychiatric Research. 53 She may have derived the estimate from the informal survey managed by Nick Yee at The Daedalus Project, 54 who notes that caution should be exercised when interpreting that data. Cooney, a video game-addicted teenager who is consumed by a challenging arcade game named The Bishop of Battle. Ml Euurl ml date. Retrieved lguero, Tejeiro; Moran, Bersabé (2002). Journal of Behavioral Addictions :. Retrieved 1 February 2009. Retrieved Korean drops dead after 50-hour gaming marathon (London Times ) Korea Reacts to Increase in Game Addiction Archived t the Wayback Machine. 44 Canada edit At a Computer Addiction Services 43 center in Richmond, British Columbia, excessive gaming accounts for 80 of one youth counselor's caseload. Describe video game addiction to be a global mental health problem and that gamers who gain characteristics of addiction show decreased functioning in school, social, family, occupational and social domains of their lives in addition to their social lives.

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