Does life have a purpose essay

does life have a purpose essay

one person can answer; they just dont know yet, theyre lost. " As a student at Trevor Browne high school, I myself have learned a lot about myself, and the type of person I may end up being in the future. Because humans are animal (humans also evolved their life, from the moment they begin to exist, has no purpose because they were born simple to survive and enhance the species; although this is a purpose is one that holds no meaning to the individual, making. Probably life is merely an ongoing process. What is my purpose in life? There's always a chance but I wouldn't put my money. As humans we require the meaning of things, their own purpose, and 'not-living' things defy definition. This year most of them go to Maryvale high school. Both of these solved miraculously by much dogma.

Why do you human beings exist?
Is our existence, our life, nothing but a random event?
Do cows have a meaning or a purpose in life.
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does life have a purpose essay

I'm kind of glad but at the same time I'm not, because even though they did bad things, I really got along with them. I made a vow to myself that I will not let this question bother me but I will work towards the true real purpose of my life. It's got me to the point where I realized, I used to hang out in the bad crowd. The question doesnt form anything; youre supposed to be the one forming. It wasnt until I got in the shower that the real thoughts came in my mind; is my purpose to live and praise and teach gods words? It turns upon itself and gets nowhere. My main reason why I want to just grow at my regular age pace is because I want to live life and learn about it and after I learn about it I live.

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