Numbering thesis paper

numbering thesis paper

number that is used to start a sentence, with the exception of years. Click your cursor on the footer of your Abstract or Table of Contents page. (List these parts in the Table of Contents.). and tell Word whether to continue the page numbering from the previous section or to start at "1" or another number. . After clicking this, the "Link to Previous" button should no longer be highlighted. . One of the required page numbering changes for your thesis or dissertation is that you need to use Roman numerals (e.g., "i, ii, iii for your introductory sections (Abstract, Table of Contents and then switch to Arabic numerals (e.g., "1, 2, 3 and begin the. Click "OK" to finish. You should also see a new tab appear on the menu, labeled "Header Footer Tools: Design". .

Select the appropriate "Number format" for this section 1, 2, 3 or "i, ii, iii etc. This is true for both cardinal numbers (e.g., two, 11) and ordinal numbers (e.g., second, 11th). Endnotes, Bibliography, or Reference List (required in most papers One of these lists will be the final section of the paper. When you are finished, don't forget that you can hide the formatting symbols to make it easier to view your text by turning off the "Show/Hide" symbol on the "Home" tab in the "Paragraph" box. It is safe and reliable! But: These three samples were subjected to further testing. (Be careful not to confuse this with another tab labeled "Design" between the "Insert" and "Page Layout" tabs.)  In the "Navigation" section of this tab, you will see a highlighted button labeled "Link to Previous" which tells Word to link the footer in this section. Examples: The average IQ of the participants was relatively high ( M 137.33,.54).

Click the "Delete" key on your keyboard to delete the page number from this section. . If you need additional assistance getting your page numbering correct, contact Jeff Beuck at to set up an appointment).

By the time she was 9 years old, she was taller than half of the boys in her year. Even experienced writers find it tricky to decide how to handle numbers within the body of their dissertation. It is generally a good idea to start with the last section of your document and work your way backwards. To use different page numbering schemes in different sections of your Word document, there are two tricks: 1) you must include a "Section Break - Next page" between each section of your document where the numbering will change, and 2) you must "unlink" each section's. Examples: The region has an average.75 doctors for every 10,000 people. Understanding the, five Pillars of Islam is a critical first step. To do this, you will use the same method as above, but delete the page numbers from the first section of your document.

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The second is founded upon territory and upon property, and may be distinguished as a state (civitas). Gender and origins edit Feminist scholars among them palaeoanthropologists Leslie Aiello and Camilla Power take similar arguments a step further

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