Essay why is history important to us

essay why is history important to us

arguing events in history never repeat themselves but can be very similar such as the events of Black Wednesday in 1997 compared the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the knowledge. Marwick supports this stating Individuals, communities, societies could scarcely exist if all knowledge of the past was wiped out without a national history, there would be little sense of unity and little national pride. They focus on the victories of the nation in history such as in wars and its successes rather than its flaws, failures and mistakes in history. Some of these include efficient ways to live life, which early civilizations laid the foundation for. Stating that Italy could not fully regain its national pride until the Abyssinians had been defeated. These may be the interests of the government, trying to maintain a position of strength and power or may be the interests of the people, trying to prevent panic. This attempted genocide was a result of fear and hatred of one religious group. This leads to Great Man Theory, or what Jordanova calls superstar history as historians begin to focus on single individuals such as Hitler instead of Nazi Germany as a whole, it becomes of less educational use to society this was as again, there. At this time the Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia began to develop what became known as cuneiform writing. However, the historian must be wary that not only do biases affect their history and how it is written unintentionally. Hobsbawm argues that history is manipulated to distract or mislead society arguing if there is no suitable past, it can always be invented and that this kind of past gives a more glorious background to a present that doesnt have much to celebrate.

I believe the single most important reason to study history is that history teaches us to 'think'.
Whether it is American, European, military, art, ancient, modern, religious, archaeological, etc.
Why History is Important The Study of history is important because we learn from our mistakes, we share a common experience with people that binds us together, our minds store our experiences, and society can build upon past accomplishments.
The first, and most significannot.
Topic: A lot of people agree that studying history is import!

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For example, one can understand the importance of the social welfare programs if one looks at the Great Depression and New Deal. Perhaps the most important lesson that we can apply in our modern life is not to commit the same mistakes that our predecessors made. It is argued by some historians that the past repeats itself. Every human being at every stage of history or pre-history is born into a society and from his earliest years is moulded by that society. Historians in the past have tended to be well educated, white and middle class or above, focusing on the political side of history and the great men, rather than the masses. There was a power struggle between the Holy Roman Emperor and German nobles seeking to break imperial authority. George Orwell stated that Who controls the past controls the future supporting this, however he also continues to say that who controls the present controls the past meaning that history can be manipulated, particularly by those in positions of authority or power, limiting its usefulness.

essay why is history important to us

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