Aids cause effect essay

aids cause effect essay

or other insects, pets, eating food prepared by someone else, or just being around an infected person. A research carried out by the University of the West Indies shows that the GDP of countries such as Trinidad and Tobago will drop by over five percent and that of Jamaica.4 percent as a result of HIV/aids. Therefore, it is almost impossible to get infected through a blood transfusion. tags: HIV, aids, Negative Associations. The long-term impacts of living with HIV due to invention of better HIV care and management such as haart (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy) have also evolved and changed many social aspects such as parenthood, disclosure HIV status and long term effects of the use. There are no known cases of aids transmission by insects such as mosquitoes or by domestic animals. The major challenges are to encourage HIV testing for the risk groups, encourage status disclosure, availing a timely and effective management and care to all people living with HIV/aids, to endeavour in developing contemporary prevention methods that consider the variable patterns of the pandemic, and. HIV is not spread through the air or water, unlike many other viruses(HIV/aids 2). The HI virus, which is circular in shape, does something that no other virus does: it attacks your CD4 cells (the most important immune cells in your body uses them to reproduce, and then destroys them.

It is important to take the introduction of literature review subject of suicide seriously. Families affected by HIV deplete their savings and assets in order to cope with increased expenditure and income shocks. Nurses working with informal caregivers fearful of status disclosure must be sensitive to the familys caregivers fear of discrimination and stigma (Wight et al, 2006). Although there is no known cure for aids, there are new drugs and medicines that prolong the lives of some HIV-infected patients. It is almost impossible to catch the virus if the condom is used properly. It is a disease transmitted through the blood. The first virus is HIV-1. Infection with HIV/aids leads to numerous bodily, mental and social issues that affect the individual and impacts on their families and communities at large.

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