Essay on demand function

essay on demand function

Next Essays Related to Supply and demand. Its then that Michael hamburger realised that dividend price ratio on common stocks as one of the measures for interest rate encouraged stability in money demand function. The aggregate demand function, from this point of view means the varying amounts of income that all the entrepreneurs in that community, taken together, expect to receive by the sale of output produced by varying number of workers. This may have faulty results since at times rate of change may peak before the level actually does. In the general theory Keynes points out that liquidity trap is only likely to be evident in cases where interests rates are very low. GhoshI couldnt find much in our text regarding the interpretation of this in relation. The founders used data available from 1867 to 1960 researched on length and time lag involved in money matters. This is because in order to make the equation fit the theory of price level, V and Y must be keenly considered and a derivation of M made. However though these theories are seen as right; they have been partially criticised for not measuring the opportunity cost for holding money. In times of low interest rates from banks the demand for money will rise.

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Companies with deposit accounts with commercial banks will always lend huge amounts through RPs hence affecting money supply; thesis vs research project since these banks can choose to reduce the amount being lent out due to liquidity problems within the bank. This argument automatically criticises the empirical evidence since Money supply can be reacting to other factors like increase in income. People act in there own self interest, and want the best quality at the lowest possible price. The price of a good clearly reflects what people are willing. Got a writing question? If the aggregate demand is conceived from this point of view, any possibility of the deficiency in the aggregate demand stands completely ruled out and the analysis conforms fully to Says law of Markets. These are short loans that are structured to use treasury bills as collateral.

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