Jim in huckleberry finn essay

jim in huckleberry finn essay

romanticize a how to write good book reviews life free from the intrusions of a judgmental society and constrictive civilization. The hairy bits that are associated with Jim can be used as a contrast to the presumably smooth breast of Miss Watson. But after Pap gets "too handy with his hick'ry Huck decides to escape.

This is unusual for Huck to be so interested in, as he stated earlier that he doesnt take no stock in dead people (Twain 2). Brownell states that, Jim is not merely a noble cause or an ignoble foil, in either of which cases he would be more particularly important for the action episodes of the book than he in fact is; he is rather what one might call. Twain, the challenge was to embody fictional characters with realistic traits and personalities; that is, his characters had to be as believable and as recognizable as the people readers confronted every day. After Jim looks over the body, he tells Huck to come in the house, but "doan' look at his face it's too gashly." Jim's gesture is similar to that of a protective parent, but the symbolism of the act is not fully realized until the. Pap is suspect of both religion and education and feels threatened by or resents Huck's ability to read and exist in the world of Miss Watson and the Widow Douglas.

We will write a custom essay sample. When he beat her over the head, he didnt stop to think of the consequences of the action or the reason for her disobedience. Jim first displays his fatherly archetype when Jim and Huck come upon the tilted house with the body inside. Pap's role as an abusive parental figure is disturbing but vitally important to the novel, because it sets up as a direct contrast to the heroic and caring Jim.

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By forming a strong relationship as a father and a son, Jim helps to show a peaceful answer to the problems plaguing the Southern United States during Twains time. When Tom gives Jim the 40, Jim instantly turns around and begins to boast to Huck that the reason he got the money was because of his hairy arms and breast. Mark Twain Rubric, jims reason for bringing himself into the place of Hucks father can be contributed both to the fact that Jim is trying to redeem himself after his first failed fatherhood, and that Hucks own father, Pap, had been killed. Beneath Pap's farcical ramblings, however, is the reality that Huck has, indeed, been constantly beaten and left alone for days, locked in the cabin. Hes been shot in de back. Except for brief passages, however, readers are not privy to all of Pap's history and his rage at a world that he thinks has mistreated him. He mourns over the mistake he made to his po little Lizabeth through his own foolishness and impetuous nature. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are numerous. Although Jim may have came up with this story in order to convince Huck that Jim would be a better and stronger parent, Twain allows the idea to follow through at the end of the book. Away from the enforced rules of school and town, Huck is "free" to exist and absorb Pap's life of liquor and theft. Since then, Jim tries to ease into the transition to fatherhood. In order to prevent Huck from talking about the remains of the old father, Jim does not only scare Huck with the superstitions saying, it would fetch bad luck; and besides, he said, the dead man might come and hant us(Twain 58 but he also.

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