Dissertations on luxury brands

dissertations on luxury brands

can be attributed to a number of things which may thinking like a mountain analysis essay include the brands specific emphasis to detail and femininity or the brands branding strategy of featuring itself under a foreign brand name rather than a local Nigerian brand name (Anheir Isar, 2008). Moreover, brands give customers a sense of belonging and may give them the feeling that they belong to a specific group of people who use a particular product. One of the largest groups of consumers who are influenced by fashion are the young generation or young consumers and this particular target market is also known to spend the most upon purchasing fashionable clothing. Journal of Consumer Culture. While the tastes of consumers may differ, the aim of the luxury fashion brand industry is to associate brands with feelings of prestige, importance, status, and grandeur for customers.

Primary data will be gathered through the means of a questionnaire conducted with Tiffany and Amber customers and secondary data will be collected for the literature review through online databases, journals, books, websites, magazines, and other sources (Berg, 2004). 3.9 Timetable: The time table shows the most time spent on activities such as reading literature, drafting the literature review, awaiting tutor feedback, and acting on the final feedback given. Brands and branding: Research findings and future priorities.

Journal of Brand Management. Previously, Nigerian designs such as Ankara were not used daily and Nigerian designers were not paid much regard. Atwal,., Williams,. Thus, the industrys main aim is to develop their brand name through branding strategies to represent concepts which are highly attractive for affluent customers and influence them to pay a high price for their products while also frequently purchasing their products (Fillis Remtschler, 2006). This was not previously a highly researched topic as the Nigerian fashion martin luther king biography thesis essay industry was not highly prominent and was not given due regard, hence there is little insight into this area of research (Shukla, 2011). Analyzing the data is likely to take a shorter period of time than the other activities as it certain statistical functions must be used on spss and the data must be interpreted accordingly. Accordingly, African luxury fashion brands are seeking to make their impact upon the Western fashion market by adopting various branding strategies to appeal to the affluent youth. Hence, consumers, specifically young consumers in the contemporary fashion market, feel that they are recognized through the brands they wear. This may involve sponsoring events, featuring the brand in movies, advertisements, and basically ensuring the brand name is visible wherever possible (Ahmad, 2011).

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