Punic wars essay

punic wars essay

immediate and long term effects. This unequal treaty on the part of the Romans is the leading factor in Carthages hatred toward Rome. Once involved, Rome took advantage of their situation and demanded Sardinia and massive indemnities from Carthage. They built roads all over the empire, and all roads led to Rome. This encouraged Roman reaction. Frank faults Hannibal for the beginning of the war, justifying the alliance with Saguntum and accusing Hannibal of starting a war based on illegitimate grudges. This policy was started by Hamilcar Barca and continued under his son, Hannibal. Retrieved 13:24, October 12, 2018, from. Some changes that occurred included a shift in political influence and wealth to the senatorial class, peasant community dynamics were changing with many moving to the cities, while work and food became scarcer. The peacetime between the two wars was crucial in leading up to the second Punic war.

They were fought between the Romans and Carthaginians over trading and land disputes. The Punic Wars had a number of important impacts to the Roman society and politics. By 164 BC, Rome was a very different country then before the Punic Wars that saw immediate and long term. The first Punic War, which began in 264BC, ended with surrender by Carthage after 23 years of struggle.

One significant and lasting change to Rome as a result of the Punic Wars was an increase in the use of slaves. Scullard also addresses Hannibals hatred of Rome which is discussed in so many other sources. Nevertheless, the Romans realized that they were in a desperate position so they delayed Hannibal until they could gather enough troops to defeat him. Sicily becomes it is first outside province. Kagan, like other authors, addresses the Roman tradition of blaming Hannibals oath and anger. A result of the first Punic War and the Romans was the decisive naval victory against the Carthaginians at the Aegate Islands. At the close of the mercenary war, Carthage did all it could to avoid conflict with Rome, eventually costing them Sardinia and large indemnities that were to paid to the Romans both immediately and over time. The Carthaginians held up until Greek general, Xanthippus, came to rescue. It is crucial to understand the reasoning behind Hannibals anger, rather than condemn him phrases for college essay as a tempered, vengeful leader. He states that Carthage was within their rights because Romes alliance with Saguntum was later than the treaty of Lutatius, so that the town was not included in the list of Romes allies whom the Carthaginians had promised to respect (Kagan 123, 1975) In regards.

There were three distinct conflicts between Carthage and Rome during the Punic wars.
Free Essay : Discuss the Punic Wars.
What caused the conflicts between Carthage and Rome?
What were the consequences for both sides?

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